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"Untitled for Four"

Cathnor double CD

Jason Kahn // composition, electronics
Patrick Farmer // upturned turntable and prepared cd players
Sarah Hughes // zither, piano
Dominic Lash // contrabass

Recorded February 13, 2012 Oxford, United Kingdom



"Between Two"

Ftarri/Meenna CD

Toshimaru Nakamura // no-input mixing board
Jason Kahn // drums
Tetuzi Akiyama // acoustic guitar

Recorded live by Jason Kahn at Ftarri, Tokyo, May 10 and 11, 2014



Track 1:

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Price including shipping to rest of the world: 14.00 euros

"Five LInes"

Mikroton Recordings CD

Casey Anderson computer, objects, radio
Jason Kahn analog synthesizer, radio, mixing board
Norbert Möslang cracked everyday-electronics
Günter Müller ipods, electronics
Mark Trayle computer, guitar

Recorded September 5, 2010 at California Institute of the Arts, Los Angeles

Duration: 39:36

mikroton cd 36



Price including shipping to Europe: 12.00 euros

Price including shipping to rest of the world: 14.00 euros

Jason Kahn
"Thirdy Seconds Over"

Aural Detritus cassette

Jason Kahn // electronics

Side A: recorded February 4, 2012 at the Grey Area Gallery, Brighton
Side B: recorded May 24, 2012 at the Logos Foundation, Ghent



Excerpt Side A:

Excerpt Side B:

Price including shipping to Europe: 12.00 euros

Price including shipping to rest of the world: 14.00 euros

Jason Kahn
Editions 003
Double LP

Edition of 250
Heavy weight 180 gram vinyl.
Hand-painted covers on thick gray cardboard.

Source material recorded July to October 2012 in Kyoto.
Pieces composed January 2013 to March 2014 in Zürich.
Mastering, liner notes and LP artwork Jason Kahn.

Download liner notes here.

Side A (15.51):
1. Warning Tone (1.14), 2. Temple Dance (1.55), 3. Checkout (1.38), 4. Haunted House (2.05),
5. Winds Away (1.21), 6. Sporting (1.56), 7. Musician (1.16) 8. 100 Yen (1.59)
9. Shopping Arcade (1.38)

Side B (17.32):
1. Kids (2.05), 2. Outside Karaoke (1.47), 3. Hara (2.07), 4. Kyoto Station (1.22), 5. Big Ship (1.30), 6. Parlor (1.51), 7. For Alms (1.12), 8. Fire Warning (1.34), 9. Flea Market (1.34),
10. Ghost Pond (1.36)

Side C (18.49):
1. Sender (2.00), 2. Summer Phase (2.01), 3. Shopping (2.06), 4. Kamogawa (1.38),
5. Temple Ground (2.09), 6. Daybreak (2.10), 7. Footstep (1.55), 8. Enryaku-ji (2.05),
9. Little Shrine (2.00)

Side D (17.16):
1. Shimogama (1.57), 2. Rains (1.35), 3. Underground (1.55), 4. Above (1.43), 5. Coffee Shop (1.43), 6. Announcement (1.25), 7. Night Out (2.19), 8. Sword Fight (1.40), 9. Casting Wish (2.11)


Noema is a collection of 37 short pieces composed from source material I recorded in and around Kyoto during a three-month stay there with my family in 2012.

The over-arching theme of the record is the idea of exploring social space through everyday sound--and especially in the case of Kyoto, not just focusing on what we've come to know the city for (temples, shrines, etc.--though some of these are in there as well).

The pieces also deal with the idea of memory, much as the famous "episode of the madeline" in Marcel Proust's Remembrance of Things Past, in which the taste of the madeline dipped in tea triggers a flood of involuntary memories. For me, many of the sounds used in these pieces work the same way.

The word noema is often used in philosophical discourse to describe the object of thought--and in the case of this record, the sounds themselves and the structures they contribute to in the production of social space.

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